West Hancock Theater Dept. presents "Grimm M.D.: Fairy Tale Doctor"

            Different from previous years, the West Hancock Theater Department will only be running one production this year instead of a Fall and Spring production.

            Friday will be the opening night of the full length play “Grimm M.D.: Fairy Tale Doctor” written by Jane and Jim Jeffries.

            Sharayah Vorland is the director.  The production will also run on Saturday.

            The play centers around a Dr. Grimm played by senior Dalton Subject who is trying to figure out the case of Snow White who has fallen asleep and cannot wake up.

            The script borrows the concept from the show “House, M.D.” starring Hugh Laurie as a cynical medical genius who often provided unconventional cures to patients.

            Dr. Grimm will try to solve the mystery of Snow White while also making his clinical rounds to other mythical characters with a team of doctors.

            The theater department is taking on a larger scale from last semesters show.

            The play will feature a lot of movement from one patient’s room to the next.

            With the design help of shop teacher Paul Francis, Vorland was able to create a concept to meet the needs of the play.

            “We have a wall in the middle of the set and it’s hinged so it swings back and forth across the stage to open up the different rooms,” she said. 

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