West Hancock School Board approves staff contracts and personnel changes

            The West Hancock School Board met on May 20 for its regular meeting.

            The board approved wage increases for the district’s staff.

            The total cost of the certified staff will be $9474 less next year or a 1.44 percent decrease.

            This is due to mainly to middle school secretary Peg Eisenman working fewer days in the summer.

            Other staff members have similar changes in their contracts, including some staff changing insurances.

            “That’s about a $60,000 savings for the district,” superintendent Wayne Kronemann said.

            The resulting savings will amount to a 20 cent increase for hourly staff.

            The total cost of certified staff will be $62018, or a 1.68 percent increase.

            The board also approved changes to the pay scale which will base increases in pay on an individual’s degree.

            A BA would see pay increases of .5 percent and an MA would net a 2.5 percent pay increase of the base pay.

            Formerly employees received increases of 3.5 percent after 12 to 15 years of working.

            The change was reportedly the staff’s idea. 

Read the complete story in the June 5 Leader.


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