West Hancock homecoming 2019 has second year of Main Ave parade

Riley Hiscocks is overseeing the organization of the parade for its second year returning to Main Ave. on Oct. 10.
Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            West Hancock’s homecoming week will run from Sunday to Oct. 11.

            One of the exciting parts of homecoming is the parade that’s held every year to display school pride.

            Last year, the parade revived the tradition of being held on Main Ave. after numerous years of it being held just outside of the school.

            The community responded well to the news and despite some rain a sizable crowd was there to welcome back a beloved tradition.

            Senior Riley Hiscocks is tasked with the second year of bringing the parade to Main Ave.

            As part of student council, Hiscocks heads up the parade committee with Maize Erdahl and Rachel Leerar to assist her.

            Last year Hiscocks was an assistant to Natalie Lemmon, who did a majority of work in organizing the parade.

            Now Hiscocks will take on the bulk of the work.

            “I know the ins and outs of it because I did it last year,” she said.

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