Tires, rims stolen from Garner dealership

Tires and rims from six trucks, valued at approximately $30,000, were stolen from Ollenburg Motors during the early morning hours of June 27. Rebecca Peter | The Leader

GARNER - Approximately $30,000 worth of tires and rim were stolen off of six pick-up trucks at a Garner dealership, sometime during the early morning hours of June 27.

Tires from six trucks with chrome wheels at Ollenburg Motors were stolen. The trucks were left on landscaping block.

The tires and rims, which measured about 20 inches in diameter are valued at about $4,000 - $5,000 per vehicle, according to Scott Ollenburg.

Ollenburg Motors is not the first such incident. Similar thefts at Chevy dealerships have occurred this spring at  Mason City, Rochester and Albert Lea. A dealership in Eureka, Ill. was also targeted.

 “They’re selling them on the internet,” Ollenburg said. “It’s a ring.”

The perpetrators apparently had the theft down to a science.

“It didn’t take them long,” he continued. “They’re in and out. Those wheels could be in California for all I know.”

It appears that there was no other damage to the trucks.

The show lot is lighted. Unfortunately the dealership did not have the security cameras that were had purchased this spring after the Mason City incident, installed yet.

The dealership is currently working with their insurance company to replace truck tires.

Garner Police Chief Tim Dodge asks that anyone with information to contact the Garner Police Department.