Steyer discusses climate, trade & immigration

Tom Steyer

GARNER – Candidate for president Tom Steyer thinks, “the government has been bought by corporations and it’s time to take it back.” The statement may sound unusual coming from a California businessman who is a billionaire, but also an activist.

Steyer is one of 15 Democrats running for president. He recently spoke to the Leader in a phone interview.

“I built a business from scratch over 30 years,” he said. “I can talk seriously about growth and prosperity as well as economic justice.”

One of Stayer’s signature issues is the environment.

 “If we’re going to deal successfully with our climate crisis, we have to support, use, and improve our renewable fuels,” he said. “The kinds of things like the Renewable Fuels Standard, I support, but more than that, I oppose the waivers that Mr. Trump has given to oil refineries.”

“I know it’s an economic issue in Iowa specifically, but I think from the standpoint of the future, there is no doubt that we need renewable fuels. We need to use and improve them.”

“I think we have to deal with the climate crisis but we can do so in a way that creates jobs, cleans up our air and water. I’m going to look to rural America to be partners to find a solution. I’m somebody who wants to rebuild the country to make it climate smart.”

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