RAGBRAI in Britt featured a number of attractions on July 25

A group of riders walk past the Hobo Museum.
Curran McLaughlin | The Leader
Visitors from RAGBRAI sign giant corn boards.
Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

Rich Laszok (on left) and Stu Carter (on right) pose with a fellow veteran. Carter pilots the tandem bicycle leading Laszok across RAGBRAI. Laszok is 100% visually impaired, losing his eyesight two years ago.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader


            Two tall boards in the shape of corn greeted bicyclists coming in from Second St NW onto Main Ave.

            The streets were lined with attractions.

            An old police car, small jail cell and a cut out of Barney Fife sat on one side of the street.

            There was a bear and dinosaur mascot.

            Tractors, old and new served as bike racks for participants.

            The beer garden at Red Rooster saw a lot of uninhibited dancing.

            The fire department held a tug-of-war style water fight, where two opponents used fire hoses to push a barrel on a high wire back and forth.

            The Hobo Museum boasted over 1000 visitors along with appearance from past kings and queens of the famous Hobo Days Convention.

            The town was alive from the morning till afternoon.

            It seemed like an outstanding success.

            But, a handful of local vendors didn’t feel the same way.

            “It is what it is, I suppose,” Brad Connor of Big Brad’s BBQ said. “You can’t shove it down their throat.”

            The Britt based catering service had disappointing sales for the day.

            Connor said that he wasn’t too beat up about it, he didn’t lose money and he still had the fair to look forward too.

            It seemed a lot of the RAGBRAI crowd may have ate lunch in Wesley, the pass-through town before.

            Connor kept perspective however, acknowledging that big events like these can be a guessing game.

            “If I would have sold out at 11 o’clock, I would have been mad cause I would have missed the afternoon,” Connor said.

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