Meet Hobo Days 2019 Grand Marshal Allan Doughan

Allan Doughan, with wife ,Frances, is Grand Marshal of the Hobo Days parade this year.
Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            BRITT - Linda Hughes was the one to tell Allan Doughan the Hobo Days Committee nominated him to be Grand Marshal in this year’s parade.

            At first he refused; Hughes wouldn’t take no for an answer.

            So here Doughan is, joking about how he can’t wait for the weekend to be over with.

            Even before it began he’s had to go through a couple interviews and Doughan let this reporter know he was going to give him a hard time being the second interview of the week.

            It’s all in good spirit, of course, but he still felt hung up on being grand marshal.

            “It’s an honor to do it, but there a lot of other people in Britt that deserve it,” he said.

            But the people who decide felt different.

            “He’s always been a supporter of Hobo Days,” president of Hobo Days Committee Amy Boekelman said. “He’s just one of these guys that if you need something, you don’t have to ask twice. We’d like to say thank you that way.”

            There isn’t one thing you can pin Doughan to. 

At 90 years old, he keeps himself active by helping out wherever he can. 

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