Lewerke hopes invention keeps truckers truckin’

Jerry Lewerke and his invention, the JMR Quick Release.

Rebecca Peter | The Leader

GARNER – The saying “time is money” is especially true of the trucking industry.

So, when Jerry Lewerke’s brother, Robert, lost a mud flap to his truck in 2012, that got Jerry to looking for a way to cut down on the time and expense involved making the repair.

As Jerry explained, typically a truck will back up against a curb, rock, dirt or other barrier, and the mud flap will catch between the object and a tire.

“When you loose your mud flap, it tears out at the top of the rubber. You have to take the bolts off and replace it. They’re usually rusted and hard to get off.”

The down time and repair costs can add up.

 Lewerke came up with the JMR Quick Release. The initials stand for Jerry and his sons, Mark and Rich. Mark Lewerke passed away in 2015.

Instead of bolts, the flap is held in place by a spring-loaded bracket mounted at the rear of the truck. Instead of a torn flap, the bracket releases the flap intact. A warning flag springs out to the side to let the driver know of the lost flap. The flag can be seen in the side view mirrors.

All the driver has to do is pick up the flap, slide it back through the bracket, and reset the flag. He is back in business again within seconds.