King blasts critics during campaign stop at Garner

Congressman Steve King (R) greets supporters during a campaign stop at Garner, Friday.
Rebecca Peter | The Leader

GARNER – Congressman Steve King had sharp words for his critics during a brief campaign stop at Garner on Friday. King, a Republican, seeks a ninth term in the House of Representatives.

He faces a challenge from Democrat J.D. Scholten for Iowa’s 4th District Congressional seat in Tuesday’s election.

 “There’s money coming in from the ‘never Trump’ segment of the [Republican] party and money from the left,” King said. “I’ve never seen that happen before. They want it because I stand with Trump on almost everything.”

 “If they can knock me out of there, there’s a good chance they would win the House and Nancy Pelosi would be the speaker.”

“If they win a majority, I believe they’ll try to push impeachment [of President Trump].”

King said an article in the Oct. 25 Washington Post headlined “Rep. King met with far-right Austrians on trip funded by Holocaust memorial group” was false.

“It’s not just false. It's 180 degrees from the truth,” he stated. “I paid for my for my own trip and the receipts are on file in Washington in the House Administration Office.”

 “They claim the [Austrian] Freedom Party is ‘far right.’ They’re in a governing coalition. So they’re working the majority.”

The congressman said he was “ambushed” by a protester at a recent candidate forum sponsored by the Greater Des Moines Partnership. The individual claimed that the suspect of a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27 and King had similar views.

 “He equated me to that mass-murdering assassin in [Pittsburgh]. He got that partly out of his mouth before I cut him off and said, ‘You’re done!’ ”

The congressman said he has always supported Israel.

King reiterated his support for President Trump. He referred to a revised trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico and the announcement that E15 gasoline will be available year around as accomplishments by the administration.

He said the president’s threat to send troops to assist U.S. Border Patrol, as a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants attempts to reach U.S.-Mexico border, “is a sign of resolve” against illegal immigration.

 “They’ll stop coming when they find out we’ve secured the border.”

The 4th District, he said, has “some of the highest values in the United States. We’re strong pro-life people. We care about the rule of law. We want a secure border. We want to keep our taxes low and our regulations low. We have strong families.”

“We have to win this mid-term election and send people who will support this platform.”