Kids learn about making friends at Jester Puppet show at Britt Library

Grayson Gambrall as Greybeard and Amy Coble as Scarlett the Pirate get the kids to yell "argh" to become part of their pirate crew.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader


            Amy Coble steps out in front of a colorful backdrop in the Britt Library on Thursday.

            The backdrop features pyramids and a pirate ship.

            The title “The Adventures of Iowa Jones” is printed at the top.

            A mouse puppet and crocodile puppet pop out of a window in the setup and start to bicker, Coble breaks up the squabble.

            Coble introduces herself and her group the Jester Puppets to the children and lays down the ground rules for the show.

            “No monkeying around,” Coble tells the children sternly.

            Right then a monkey pops up behind her.

            “A monkey!” the children scream.

            Coble tells the kids that they’re right, there will be no monkey business.

            The monkey keeps popping up when Coble isn’t looking as the kids repeatedly scream at it.

            Eventually she catches on and introduces the monkey, who continues to give her trouble.

            Together they give the kids a secret word, similar to Pee Wee Herman.

            The word is imagination, anytime it’s said during the show the kids must scream as loud as they can.

            Once the show started, Kevin Coble came out with an orange fox puppet dressed like Indiana Jones but instead it’s Iowa Jones.

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