Hobo Convention set for this weekend

The early arrivals for Hobo Days gather in front of the boxcar in the Hobo Jungle in Britt on Monday. The boxcar will be shelter to some of the hobos who choose to sleep there or need the shelter for their stay.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            Britt Hobo Days is here once again for the year 2018.

            From Wednesday through Sunday, the hobo community will meet for the 118th National Hobo Convention.

            The Britt community joins with the convention to put on its annual town festival for the year.

            Mayor of Britt and member of the Hobo Days Committee Ryan Arndorfer looks forward to the event every year that puts his hometown on the map.

            Not only is the event a chance for fellow hobos to see each other and celebrate their way of life, it’s also a chance for the two communities to come together.

            Britt is the home of several establishments that preserve relics, memorabilia and images over the years.

            “The history of the hobo is disappearing,” Arndorfer said. “It’s important to keep it alive.”

            Many times people from outside of Britt, the state of Iowa and sometimes the country will travel to see the convention and the Hobo Museum. 

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