Highway Safety, Absentee Ballots Discussed at Britt

Rep. Terry Baxter and Sen. Dennis Guth address the people of Britt at the Municipal Building.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

BRITT – State Representative Terry Baxter and State Senator Dennis Guth addressed approximately 20 Britt residents in attendance at the Municipal Building on some of their work this past legislative session.

         Forum leader Jill Kramer, executive director of Hancock Economic Development then opened up the session for questions from the constituents that were present.

         Guth and Baxter were asked a variety of topics throughout the remaining 40 minutes of the hour-long forum.

         Concerns about the condition of U.S. Highway 18 were raised in one question and whether the legislator had plans to improve the road.

         The highway is the easiest way for Britt and Garner residents to travel to Mason City and is often plagued with traffic issues.

         Kramer chimed in to provide answers.

         She informed the room of the Super 2 Highway Coalition Group, which features members from various towns along Highway 18.

         The coalition is dedicated to lobbying the Iowa Department of Transportation to help improve the highway by adding better access such as turning lanes.

         “We are currently not on the five-year plan but there is a committee pleading our case,” she said.

         Kramer said that the process will take time.

         Baxter said that not much can be done from a legislative standpoint as it’s handled by the Iowa DOT.

         Guth and Baxter both said that often the roads in more populated areas receive the attention due to having more representation in the Iowa House of Representatives and the Senate.

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