Heroes for Fun: Britt man and Mason City man dress up to bring joy to children.

Eric Quade as Spider-Man hugs a fan at the North Iowa Youth Center 20th Anniversary Celebration on July 8.

Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            It’s July 8.

            The North Iowa Youth Center was setting up for its 20th year anniversary celebration at East Park in Mason City.

            Food is being grilled while volunteers set up inflatable bounce houses to prepare for the free event that was open to the public.

            Two mild-mannered, unassuming men make their way through the park.

            Tyler Silber is holding a mirror with his bags, shortly behind him is Eric Quade holding a shiny red, white and blue circular shield.

            Any person who has a basic understanding of movies and comic books would recognize the circular shield adorned with a large white star as the shield of Marvel Superhero Captain America.

            The two make their way through the busy people and meet with Regan Banks, the director of the youth center, to find where they can dress.

            Banks gives Silber and Quade some flak for missing their appearance at a youth center party from the night before.

            The two responded they couldn’t find the location, apparently driving past the party at one point.

            “Everyone said there goes Spider-Man!” Regan told them.

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