Guth Shares views on 2018 Legislative Session

State Sen. Dennis Guth

The 2018 session of the Iowa Legislature convened Monday, Jan 8. State Senator Dennis Guth (R-Klemme) serves on the Senate Ethics, Appropriations, Commerce, Labor and Business Relations, and Local Government Committees. The senator shared his views concerning issues facing legislators this session.

His comments are as follows:

State Budget

 “Republicans are determined to enact tax reform and simplify government this year. In addition, I am committed to preserving our liberties, especially the freedom of religion as intended in the First Amendment.”

“The very first thing we will have to deal with is the shrinking revenues of the state that are causing the budget we established in April of 2017 to come up short. We budgeted only 99 percent of the expected revenue, but actual revenue is less than that. Currently we are behind by $36 million.”

“Senate Republicans would like to cut $100 million from this year’s budget so we don’t have to go back and do this multiple times during the session. We may shoot for spending just 96 or 97 percent of predicted revenue in the future.”

School Funding

“The next issue to be dealt with will be school funding. With our budget squeeze this year, it is doubtful schools will get any more tax dollars. If there are a few new dollars to spend on schools, I support the idea of using that to equalize the cost of transporting kids to and from school. Most schools in rural Iowa have a cost of over $500/pupil, some much more than that. Urban schools may have a cost of only $50 or so. By helping with transportation costs, the state will put more money in the pocket of rural schools where it is needed most.”

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