Guth, Baxter hold town hall meetings

State Sen. Dennis Guth and State Rep. Terry Baxter held legislative forum at Garner, Kanawha, Britt and Klemme, on March 9.

Rebecca Peter | The Leader


GARNER – Trade, education funding, health care and water quality concerns were some of the topics addressed by State Senator Dennis Guth (R-Klemme) and State Representative Terry Baxter (R-Garner) at town hall meetings in Hancock County, Friday, March 9.

Guth and Baxter met with constituents at meetings in Garner, Kanawha, Klemme and Britt.

About 20 constituents attended the meeting at Garner.

Guth said that the Senate passed 41 bills during the past week. “We’re trying to beat the March 16 deadline for bills to clear the Senate, if they’re going to go over to the House,” he said.

Senator Guth was floor manager of a bill which prohibits using misleading caller identification “where you get a phone call from a familiar area code or and the caller is from out of state or even out of country,” he said.  “There are some laws against that now, but this makes very clear that it is against the law and as much as a $40,000 fine.”

There was lively debate in the Senate on a bill  (SF 2153) that changes the number of judges on the Iowa Supreme Court that it takes to rule that an Iowa law is unconstitutional from four to five. Iowa has seven Supreme Court judges.

Currently it takes a simple majority on the court (or a 4-3 vote) to declare a law unconstitutional.

 “So it’s not a tremendously high bar, but there have been quite a few decisions over the years that have been decided on a 4-3 vote.”

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