Government shutdown slows Goodell wastewater project

GOODELL – The month-long partial federal government shut down has slowed the timetable for the wastewater treatment plant project at Goodell.

The Goodell City Council was briefed on the project’s status at its January 14 meeting.

In July the project was approved for a $2.5 million Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant from USDA Rural Development to construct a new wastewater collection and treatment facility.

 “We’ve been doing preliminary design work on the project,” said Tom Madden, project engineer with SEH, Inc.

There were number of questions for the USDA when President Trump initiated the shutdown in January, according to Madden.

“We have the preliminary design underway. We’re waiting for some agency feedback on a few things and we’re going to continue on,” he said.

Currently, most homes in Goodell are served by septic tanks connected to drain tile lines that eventually discharge into a creek.

The project will address the problem of untreated wastewater discharges into the creek through a central, low-pressure collection system piped to a controlled-discharge lagoon.

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