Garner City Council approves FY20 budget

GARNER – No comments or objections were heard during the hearing for the 2019-20 fiscal year budget for the City of Garner on Feb. 26.

The $8.7 million budget goes into effect July 1. At $13.23 per $1,000, the levy rate remained about the same as for the current fiscal year.

The City budget includes $2.7 million in capital projects for the coming years including:

•Zinpro Railroad Siding Project – projected at $1.3 million with $1.1 million from the LIFTS program; $139,000 from the Zinpro Corp.; $111,200 from Iowa Northern Railway, and $27,800 from the city’s local option revenue.

•”The Reserve” Workforce Housing Project – Projected at $150,000. $50,000 will be in FY19 with a $25,000 development grant to the developer to reimburse for demolition costs; $25,000 for designing engineering for water, sewer, storm sewer, and storm water detention. $97,000 is projected for FY20 for water, sewer and storm sewer.

•West 8th Street Apartments – projected at $84,830.

•Hejlik’s 3rd Subdivision – projected at $864,310

•Allen Ave. Drainage Way Project – estimated at $485,000

•Highway 18 Trail Project – projected at $315,500. $228,000 will come from a Transportation Alternative Program grant and $87,500 from local option revenue.

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