Eagles crush West Fork 62-0 on homecoming

West Hancock's Tate Hagen refuses to go down with two West Fork players tugging on his arms during homecoming on Friday.
Curran McLaughlin | The Leader

            The Class A No. 1 West Hancock Eagles needed only half of a game to put away West Fork.

            The red clad players played with an almost eerie sense of power as the chilling flurry lightly came down and the home crowd cheered them on with the clang of cowbells.

            By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles were up 28 points already.

            At halftime it was 54-0.

            The game would end mercifully with a 62-0 score.

            The Eagle’s three-headed monster ran through the West Fork defense like Cerberus.

            Three hounds with power and speed.

            Like the gates of Hades, the offensive line opened up large running lanes for the rushing attack.

            It took multiple defenders per run to take down one Eagle rusher, if he’d even go down at all.

            Tate Hagen would run through a handful of West Fork defenders waiting at the corner of the goal line on a 26-yard touchdown run.

            He’d have three touchdowns on the ground, his longest being from 43 yards out.

            Hagen would rush for 185 yards.

            Cole Kelly would be behind him with 88 yards running and two touchdowns; his longest being 55 yards. 

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