COVID-19 reported at Kanawha Community Home

Rebecca Peter

KANAWHA – An outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has occurred at the Kanawha Community Home. As of Monday, Oct. 5, there were 18 positive cases, according to the Iowa Department of Health coronavirus website:

Nine persons have recovered. 

Residents and staff are included in the total number of reported COVID-19 cases at the nursing home.

The Iowa Department of Health defines an outbreak at a long-term care facility to be three or more cases of COVID-19

According to Joe Youmans, nursing home administrator, the first case of COVID 19 occurred on Sept. 23.

Younmans said that the nursing home has a quarantine unit for residents who have tested positive.  All other residents are screened for COVID twice a week unless they exhibit symptoms.

Staff is also being screened for COVID twice a week.

Employees are required to answer a set of health-related questions at the door before coming in. Temperatures are also taken before coming in at the beginning of a shift, and again upon leaving at the end of a shift.

Youmans said the nursing home had just started loosening up on visitation restrictions and allowing some outdoor visits on the patio and visits through open windows as long as the resident and the visitor each had a mask on and observed social distancing.

Youmans said the nursing home is working with HCHS Community Health and the State Hygienic Lab.

“We’re taking it a day at a time,” he said. The facility is currently under lock down, Youmans said.

Kanawha Community Home currently has 20 residents and 45 full-time employees. The home has 26 beds.

Chelcee Schleuger, HCHS Community Health director, reminds everyone, “To reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 follow these simple, yet impotant safety measures:

•Sanitize your hands frequently

•Avoid touching your face, mouth, eye or nose

•Individuals are encouraged to maintain 6-feet of separation; and

•Wear a face covering



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