Council considers property maintenance ordinance


The first reading of a new property maintenance ordinance for City of Garner was held at the July 31 city council meeting.

City Administrator Randy Lansing said the proposed ordinance gives the city a mechanism by which to apply some pressure to property owners whose buildings are in substandard condition.

The ordinance establishes minimum standards for maintenance, appearance, condition and occupancy for residential and non-residential properties. The ordinance is similar to one at Forest City.

“It defines in greater detail what a nuisance is,” Lansing said. Before action is taken, a report is prepared and brought before the council. Complaints will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

“So there isn’t going to be an over-zealous city administrator tearing the town up-side-down,” Lansing remarked.

Councilman George Smith noted that the definition of a  “reasonable period of time” in which to make repairs might mean something different to everyone.

“Do we need to come up with a standard? Thirty, 60, 90 days?” he asked.

The ordinance will be back the agenda for the Aug. 14 meeting for second and third readings.

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