Compensation Board recommends 4.5% pay raise for county officers

GARNER – A 4.5 percent raise in pay is being proposed for elected county officers in Hancock County for fiscal 2019-20. Hancock Compensation Board members Dan Kadrlik, Collin Davison, Gerald Thiedeman, Loren Swenson, Angela Nelson and Ken Krause held their annual meeting with elected county officials on Jan. 2.

Current salaries for county officers are: Supervisors ($34,812 each), Auditor ($62,857), Treasurer ($62,598), Recorder ($62,080), and Sheriff ($83,955), County Attorney ($101,561).

The proposed salaries are: Supervisors ($36,379), Auditor ($65,686), Treasurer ($65,415), Recorder ($64,874), Sheriff ($87,733), Attorney ($106,131).

Officers highlighted duties and activities of their respective offices during the past year.

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