Compensation Board recommends 3.5% raise for county officers

GARNER – A 3.5 percent raise in pay is being proposed for elected county officers in Hancock County for fiscal 2018-19.  Hancock Compensation Board members Dan Kadrilk, Collin Davison, Gerald Thiedeman, Loren Swenson and Ken Krause held their annual meeting with elected county officials on Jan. 3.

Current salaries for county officers are: Supervisors ($33,635 each), County Attorney ($98,127), Auditor ($60,731), Treasurer ($60,481), Recorder ($59,981), and Sheriff ($81,116).

The proposed salaries are: Supervisors ($34,812), Auditor ($62,685), Treasurer ($62,598), Recorder ($62,080), Sheriff ($83,955), Attorney ($101,561).

Officers highlighted duties and activities of their respective offices during the past year.

Dan Kadrlik chaired the Compensation Board meeting.

“What we have, I feel, is how government by the people is supposed to be working. [Hancock County] doesn’t have debt. We don’t have a revolving door among the officers. It runs smoothly,” Kadrlik said.

It was noted that the cost of living rose about 2.2 percent last year.

Sis Greiman said about half the county compensation boards in Iowa have made salary recommendations that ranged from 2 percent to 8 percent, with the average increase being around 3 percent.

“We walk this fine line between being a good steward of the pocketbook and giving you guys the thanks you deserve,” said Collin Davison.

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