Coach Kush challenges youth to open “Doors of Opportunity”

Motivational speaker Kevin Kush spoke to students from Garner-Hayfield-Ventura, West Hancock, Forest City and Belmond-Klemme about opening doors of opportunity and making good choices in life.

Rebecca Peter | The Leader

GARNER - “You’ve heard of having a ‘window of opportunity?’ I don’t believe in that because windows are hard to go through,” stated Kevin Kush, guest speaker at the Hancock County Career Fair. “But, all of you have doors of opportunity in front of you. Whether or not you go through them is up to you.”

Coach Kusch has 30 years experience as a educator and coach. For 21 years he was head coach at Boys Town High School in Nebraska where he worked with at-risk youth. He is the author of “The 100 Yard Classroom,”  “Competing With Character,” and “A Piece of the Puzzle.”

Kush illustrated his nearly hour-long talk with personal stories and stories of working with youth at Boys Town High School.

He identified five steps to opening doors of opportunity:

•Set goals. “Have a destination point,” he said. “You have an opportunity get an education. You have the opportunity to go on to a post secondary. “You have to set your goals and go after them,” he said. “These opportunities are there every single day. It’s up to you to take advantage of them.”

He encouraged students to be involved in at least one extra curricular activity. Teachers and others are there to help.

•Choose the right friends. Kush challenged the young audience to consider if their friends are “sails”  (persons who will help you achieve goals) or “anchors” (persons who weigh you down and hold you back).

“Respect everyone. But only chose to run with those individuals who have the same goals, morals and aspirations as you, ” he stated.

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