City of Kanawha abstains from dispatch services 28E agreement

The City of Kanawha will comply with the terms of the 28E agreements between the cities of Hancock County and Hancock County but will not officially enter the agreement at their monthly regular meeting on April 9.

 The 28E agreement is being implemented to layout payments by the cities of Hancock County to the county for the services of dispatching emergency response has been discussed by all parties throughout the past months.

 Members of the Kanawha City Council had attended a recent meeting between the county and the cities to work out a final agreement.

Councilmember Ray Bassett regarded the county’s revisions to the 28E agreement as a “play yard bully” attitude.

The most notable change from the county was the addition of a clause which would discontinue dispatching services to any city that had missed a payment for six months.

  “I can’t see how the county could ever in anyway cut off a service that everybody is paying a fractional amount no matter what,” Bassett said.

 Bassett said that though citizens may not have paid in full for the service they will still have paid a portion through county taxes.

 The council then discussed whether to enter the agreement.

Bassett suggested to abstain from signing into the agreement, city clerk Sharon Grimm agreed with the idea. 

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