City of Britt discuss plans to improve water infrastructures

  Britt City Council met on March 5 for the first regularly scheduled meeting of the month.

            Wes Brown, civil engineer for Bolton & Menk, met with the council to discuss the need for a stormwater management plan.

            He told the council that cities need to be prepared with increases to drainage from impervious surfaces.

            He recommended the council adopt standards set forth by the Statewide Urban Design and Specifications.

            A resolution was presented and approved by the council .

            Following up, Greg Sindt, an environmental engineer at Bolton & Menk also offered his thoughts on the town’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

            Sindt reported that the water and wastewater facilities are far beyond the normal end of service life and will need updates to meet regulations.

            Sindt recommended an EPA-driven concept of integrated planning which addresses timelines for large projects.

            The plan would prioritize large projects based on importance. 

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