Britt honors fallen despite dreary Memorial Day weather.

 The weather may not have been desired, but the community and veterans of Britt made due to honor the fallen souls by moving the Memorial Day ceremony to the West Hancock High School Gym.

            The bleachers of the gym filled with citizens as veterans and those apart of the ceremony sat in rows on the court floor.

            The 21 Gun Salute and the playing of Taps was the only event to take place outside, done in the courtyard across the hall.

            Dalton Subject, one of the Boys’ State participants of 2018, came forth to read a poem.

            Through rhyme, the words detailed the rights and freedoms that are afforded to the American people through sacrifice.

            They fought for our freedom so that you and I may stand,” “Stand for what is right, for what is good and true.”

            The poem follows up with a message of loving one another as we are all children of God.

            The other 2018 Boys’ State participant, Bryce Hinton, read Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

            The current Boys’ State representative Josh Stromer also read a poem honoring the memory of those lost in service. 

Mayor Ryan Arndofer was given the honor of main speaker for this year’s ceremony.

            He outlined reasons why the country pauses in silence to honor the deceased men and women who served their country. 

Read the complete story in the June 5 Leader.

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