Baxter, Price seek election to District 8 House of Representatives seat

Terry Baxter (R)

Connie Price (D)


Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Candidates for the Iowa House of Representatives District 8 are incumbent Terry C. Baxter (R-Garner) and Connie Price (D-Britt). The district includes the following counties: Hancock and Wright Counties and a portion of Kossuth County.

Terry Baxter

1. Why are you running for re-election to the Iowa House District 8 seat?

Having served two terms in the Iowa House of Representatives, I had direct involvement in legislation that moved Iowa to the ranking of the #1 State in the nation according to US News and World Report. I have also served on numerous committees to help orientate me to the challenges Iowa faces moving forward. I am a conservative voice and a fiscal hawk that is committed to cutting government waste while moving Iowa forward in economic development to create new and sustainable revenue growth.

As co-chair of the House Sportsman Caucus, I fight for conservation, water quality and good hunting and fishing opportunities in Iowa. I authored the popular straight walled rifle bill for deer hunters in Iowa and will fight to keep our Second Amendment Rights intact while protecting schools and public safety. I am pro-life, pro-agriculture, pro-small buisness and pro-quality education. I also stand up and fight for the unique issues of rural Iowa. I have common sense and work in a bipartisan fashion whenever possible to bring good legislation to Iowa. I ask for your vote in November to go back and represent District #8 in Des Moines.

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Connie Price

1. Why are you running for election to the Iowa House District 8 seat?

I am deeply dismayed about the direction the current Republican-controlled legislature has taken Iowa.  I believe public money is being used for private gain.  Three well-known examplesare the privatization of Medicaid, the millions in tax give-away to Apple, and the push for private school vouchers.  These offend me, because I believe public money should be used for the public good.

We need to re-prioritize the spending of our tax dollars to fully fund our public schools, ensure long-term funding of water quality initiatives, return Medicaid to public control, and invest in meaningful job growth and living wages.

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