Banks support fair needs


            On Thursday, members of the Hancock County Fair Board met with President of First State Bank Eric Newton and Senior Vice President of Farmers Trust and Savings Bank Rob Willms in front of the sign at the fairground in Britt.

            Newton and Willms each handed a check for $900 to the members of the Fair Board.

            The combined $1800 will be used by the Fair Board to purchase a defibrillator for the fairgrounds.

            “The banks have done 900 each to make sure that we have the device we need to save lives if we should have to, hope we don’t but if we do, we’ll be ready,” incoming secretary Jeanie Purvis said.

            The defibrillator will be placed in the three seasons building, one of the newest on the fair grounds.

            The defibrillator is simple enough for any person to use, giving verbal instructions throughout the process.

            Hancock County has one of the fastest growing fairs in northern Iowa and hosts several events over the course of the year including weddings and the Britt Draft Horse Show.

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